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Aston Le Walls - Advanced

13-August-2020 17:52
in General
by Admin

Atlantic Vital Spark did his dressage yesterday in an extreme heatwave and produced a very pleasing test.  He only got 35 which is a shame but I am not worried about that.  


The thunder didn't arrive overnight but the temperature dropped which was nice for Grafennacht's dressage this morning when she also went nicely to score 29.  It was her first Advanced test and there were a few little hiccups but I was overall very happy.  


The rain then arrived and it pretty much poured for 4 hours, drenching everyone and everything, including very fortunately the ground which improved dramatically.  Nigel had done a good job with the aerovating and watering but it still needed all the rain it got today.


Atlantic Vital Spark coped very well in the show jumping in the pouring rain, he didn't seem to slip and slide too much, and he pulled off a super clear.  He then went very easily and fluidly around the cross country, and very much felt like the grown up he now is.


Grafennacht also show jumped well, she had one down but that was no disgrace, and as usual she popped around the cross country like an old hand.  She has got her first 4*S at Burgham next week so it is great that she has now got her first Advanced in the bag.


Lexi and Chico's Man VDF also produced a good dressage of 28, unlucky to have the first show jump down and then had a good run round the cross country.  


It is quite hard to believe that this was our first Advanced run since Blenheim last season, which makes it eleven months off!


We are back tomorrow with the Intermediates and they will also be enjoying the good ground, and then we are bracing ourselves for our mass exodus to Burgham next week.





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