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Thoresby Weekend

12-October-2020 10:35
in General
by Admin

I apologise for not keeping up to date on Thoresby, there was a very dodgy signal but things didn't go quite to plan so there wasn't much to report anyway.  Saturday did not get off to the best start with Under Oath having a few fences down in the 7yo show jumping.  Nothing to say really, other than he just didn't seem to jump high enough, so it is back to the drawing board.  There was further heavy rain and in his position Lindy and I thought there was always another day, so we decided not to run cross country which is always a shame.


Summer at Fernhill also didn't have his best day and, after his usual minimal warm up, started very nicely and was not too strong at all.  He had a bit of a lucky moment at a corner but towards the end of the course we had a stupid run out coming out of the water at a skinny, I can only think perhaps he was jus a bit tired as the skinny was straight in front of him, and he is normally a very good skinny jumper.  He unfortunately had a few more wounds from his corner moment so I decided not to present him on Sunday morning.


So that was the end of my rather unremarkable Thoresby experience.


Adam however flew the flag for the team, with a great clear inside the time on Secret Night, and only one jump down yesterday giving him his first ever 2* completion.  


Rowan also had a pretty useful trip, he knocked down a couple of show jumps but really jumped a pretty good round and then flew around the cross country yesterday very happily giving his horse a nice bit of experience and the climax of his 6yo season.


Thoresby did an amazing job to get and hold the show on the road, there was as usual a lot going on with a lot of horses, but they did it.  They adjusted and altered at every stage and really had to keep thinking on their feet, but we were very lucky that it all came off in those conditions.  I really hope the place recovers in time to host their big spring event next March/April.






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