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12-October-2019 18:16
in General
by Admin

 Taverna Tony had a pretty good first Novice run with me.  His dressage overall was very decent and he scored 30. There were some very nice bits and a couple of mistakes.  He then jumped a good clear and gave me a very pleasing ride cross country, despite 9 time faults he finished sixth.  So overall we had a very pleasing run and felt very happy and ready.

It was then Better Together’s first ever event and he was in the 100. I had rather hoped he was ready but you never know until you ask the question.  He took the whole day in his stride, very much behaved like he had done it all plenty of times before.  His day got off to a very flashy start with a 22 dressage, and whilst he was obviously a bit green to be in an arena, he did actually do a very decent test.  Show jumping wasn’t such a triumph, and although he had three down he didn’t jump too badly, so I was more pleased than the results suggest I would be.  He then popped round the cross county very sweetly. He was brilliantly straight and seemed to know exactly what he was doing, he came home with a clear round.   

Sadly nothing else got to run, other youngsters were balloted and Under Oath has got a bit of nail bind, so it was a rather drawn out leisurely day.  Calmsden did a great job to run as there had been a serious amount of rain, but the ground was absolutely brilliant and stood up well.  This was the first time that Marble had ever had studs in and they were big one’s today, so he is now christened!




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