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End of season update

11-November-2020 14:10
in General
by Admin

There have been a few moves on the yard and I thought I would give you a bit of an update.....



We very sadly sold Atlantic Vital Spark.  He had been on the market for a while and I really felt he was part of the team here and going forwards he was about to become my third 5* horse.  However, from a business perspective he had to be sold, particularly as I owned him.  He has gone to Lucienne Belissimo in the US, and he has already done a few events very nicely.  I am regularly in touch and will keep you updated as to what happens next.


I still have Queen of Utopia, but we are hunting her to give us a few more options on the selling front.  Naturally now things are quite quiet.  


I have got an exciting new addition to my team in the 4yo Cayiano.  Philip Bandilla found him for me in Germany, and he has been bought by a group of owners who have been with me before.  The idea was instigated by Theresa Stopford Sackville who has got a lovely 7yo with Laura Collett.   She has been keen for a while to find a real youngster, and we finally did.  He is very smart and is bursting with potential, and the real challenge will be not to do too much with him as a 5yo next year.


I have still had no joy finding a young horse with Pamela Kinslow, but it is fun looking.


After their easy year, Yes I Can is back in work and is now doing some trotting.  Georgisaurous is also back in with Kazu's Vinci de la Vigne and they have started on the walker.  I am not planning on giving the horses too much time out this winter as they have all pretty much had enough so most of them will be starting back in November, which will make our winter busier than normal.  It is a real shame for our hunters that there is now no hunting.


Team at home

Now is a holiday time of year, and I am busy interviewing for 2021.   Rowan Laird started with us at the end of last season and he is from St Andrews, and is here with a horse, he has settled in very well. We have got Milo Douglas here for a month.  We are actually quite busy with a few horses still in work.  It has been quite depressing on the holiday front as people have not been able to go away much, but Belle and Adam have had a week off.









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