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Hartpury - Dressage

11-August-2023 17:04
in General
by Admin

It is wonderful here at Hartpury as summer has somewhat returned.  It makes such a difference and after all the rain the ground is also perfect. 


Duke Legacy did a fault free test, certainly one of his best tests and he only got a 30, but he is in the hunt.  There is a lot to do tomorrow; the course is quite a strong 3*, bit stronger then Bicton was.  It has a serious drop into the water and another big drop turning to a corner, but apart from that I think it is jumpable.  It is a good step up.


Grafennacht is having her first time out since Badminton and she was very excited to be here.  She mainly did a lovely test but there were a few bits that weren’t, I wasn’t in any way disappointed.  Lots of the work was very classy and she just needs to get out a few times before Maryland.


Since Badminton she has been off to Twemlow’s trying to do embryo transfers.  This sadly has failed and there are no new Lillie’s in the making, but it did take a couple of months so she has lost a fair bit of fitness.  She is aiming for Maryland USA in October because Burghley would have been far too soon.




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