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Aston 4*S dressage

11-May-2021 18:22
in General
by Admin

Dressage got off to a pretty good start at Aston today.  All three horses did very decent tests and were very concentrated and mistake free, but as always there were a few areas that could have been better.

Grafennacht did a super job to get 24.5 she was very focused and happy in her work and I was pleased with her.

Georgisaurous settled down and was dead serious. His halts were not quite as good as they might have been, and one his changes was a bit crooked, but he still managed to get a 23.6 and is amongst the leaders.  Without his little blips it would have been a rather glorious mark.

Little Fire was also a very good boy and got 25.7.  It is all very tight, he could have done a couple of things better but overall he was very focused and well behaved.

Tomorrow is another day, the show jumping is quite decent, it looks like a fair track but it is certainly looking quite large.  The cross country is not an Aston as we know it, but hopefully it will be clear to the horses what needs doing. It does ask a few questions and I will certainly be very pleased if Georgisaurous goes clear and gets his 4*S qualification.

There are quite a few skinnies and corners and two decent waters, so kick on.

I must also add that the highlight of my day at Cirencester Park last week was seeing Tomatillo go so well and look so confident.  His double clear with Aaron Millar got him his first point and they finished 4th.  An excellent performance.




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