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11-April-2023 19:20
in General
by Admin

Finally we had a fabulous day at Larkhill, conditions were great and the sun shone.


I had two in the 100.  Santini very excitingly finished 2nd.   I was very pleased with his dressage of 25.5, lots of bits will improve but he did some lovely work.  He was clear in the show jumping which was no mean feat as the arena at Larkhill is on a bit of a camber.  He then popped around the cross country for fun, comfortably inside the time.  Ironically if he had been 4 seconds slower he would have won.  I was on 4.47 and the winner was on 4.50, optimum time being 4.53.


I also had Hussard Brun in the 100, he had previously been ridden by Sara, but I have decided to pinch him back.  He did a nice test of 28.8, double clear with 1.2 time faults.  It left him out of the placings but he had a very positive run.


Cayiano was in the Novice, he did a nice test as usual, but a few unsteadiness’s resulted in a 29/3.  He rolled a pole in show jumping, no reason or excuses, but he jumped well.  He felt as good as ever cross country, giving me one of his most consistent relaxed rounds.


Absolutely was having his first Novice run and I couldn’t have been happier with him.  He has been a bit excited this season so I was very pleased with his test of 28.8, he is just beginning to settle.  He had a couple of show jumps down, probably due to the mud.  He actually jumped a very decent round and was unlucky.  On the cross country he was very cocky and happy and gave me a lovely clear round.  His record says he had a 20, he absolutely didn’t – he had a spook and stepped sideways 10 strides in front of the step, but he never stopped going forward.  He never had to be represented, and if I had known about his 20 before I got home, I would have objected!


Centari was also having his first Novice run and didn’t do much wrong, 27 dressage and clear who jumping had him comfortably in the lead, and then I added my usual chunk of time faults to end up way down. But he felt great and really on the job cross country, it all seemed very easy.


Sara was riding Cusco for me, his dressage is improving and he got 31.  In the show jumping he had a very uncharacteristic 3 down…. And with cross country he was on good form.


Seito Iwasaki was having his first 100 run and I am pleased to say he had a very good clear round.  Poor old Thierry was not quite so fortunate, and had one of those days we would all like to forget. 


So next is Burnham Market where we hope it will have stopped raining!






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