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09-July-2023 21:23
in General
by Admin


Today was my Tweseldown day and it brought a super win for BLS Absolutely.  He has been going well all year but things haven’t always come together and today they did.   He led the dressage with a very nice test of 26.  He jumped a super clear and flew the cross country just with a couple of time faults, and his win gave him his first Novice victory.
Santini was my other Novice horse and he too had a very good day, though sadly not glorious.  I was very please  with his dressage of 30.  He then jumped a very decent clear round.  We have had a bit of work to do on his show jumping and he seems to be really developing strength.  He is basically very careful and has a good jump, and sometimes he doesn’t quite get everything together, and today he did.  On the cross country he very frustratingly had a monster spook at no4 which was a decorated arrow head, so we flew straight past it. I think he couldn’t quite believe that it was a real jump and when I represented him he did take it on very genuinely.  He gave me a good feel around the rest and I believe he is coming on in leaps and bounds.
I had Hussard Brun in the 100 and without his couple of time faults for going too fast he would have won.  He led the dressage with a nice test on 29, jumped clear and took on the cross country very happily.  
Cusco was my other 100 horse and he did his customary good dressage to get 30.  He had a couple of silly poles down but he didn’t have any of his dramatic spooks and carry ons that he had at Chepstow.  He was then very happy and good to ride cross country.
Our next outing will be the next Aston Le Walls in 10 days time.  

Tweseldown had done a great job with the two courses, they were good and attacking and gave the horses plenty of confidence and education.  They had worked hard on the ground and I was very pleased, after the rain, how decent it was.




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