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Chepstow at Howick

06-July-2023 12:17
in General
by Admin

It was our first visit to Chepstow at Howick and it was a super event to add to the calendar for me.


They had done a really good job with all the ground considering everything and it was a great outing for the youngsters.


I had a pretty busy day with three in the Novice, starting with Centari and he did a very pleasing test and got 25.8.  He had an uncharacteristic freakout in the show jumping and landed in a muddle in the parallel spooking.  He normally jumps so well so that wasn’t a concern.  As usual he popped around the cross country easily.  


Absolutely did a nice dressage of 29.8, had a silly pole in the show jumping and he was properly focused on the cross country.


Santini got 28 in the dressage and did some pleasing work.  His show jumping was actually quite pleasing but he did have 3 down, but again all three were spooking at the funny blue fillers which three of my horses decided were terrifying.   He hadn’t had a cross country run for a while and I was very pleased with how he took on the course. He might have been a bit green once or twice but he was very confident and straight.


At the end of the day I had two in the 100.  I was riding Cusco again which is the young horse we have got one day hopefully for Chloe.  He did a lovely dressage to get 28, he was my third one to annihilate the blue filler in the show jumping and ended up with quite a few penalties, but it was not a concern.  On the cross country he was feeling very confident and much more with me.


Hussard Brun was back out again and had a very pleasing day.  He did a nice test of 32.8, a little bit low at times.  He was my only clear show jumping and he gave me a great feel cross country.





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