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Millstreet weekend

05-June-2023 17:20
in General
by Admin


Sadly Saturday did not go to plan and Moonlight Charmer and I came unstuck.  The course had been riding well and Moonlight Charmer was giving me a great ride, sadly he got tired and he was obviously more tired than I felt because he fell coming out of the coffin which really wasn’t a very difficult question.  Luckily he and I are both OK and Saturday was just not our day.


On more positive notes everyone else who I was connected with went really well.  Sara Bech Strom was clear in the 4*, Dicte gave her a fantastic round, she got a few time faults but Sara was delighted with how the mare felt.  She came out of her run feeling great and show jumped well, and was just unlucky to have a pole.  So all in all it was a very solid completion.


Kazuma did nothing much wrong all weekend, his horses took on the 3* & 4* courses very readily, and Brookpark Vikenti was clear show jumping to finish second in the Olympic qualifier.  Vinci de la Vigne was unlucky to have one down but still managed to finish 4th in the 4*L.


The only sadness of the weekend was that Team Japan did not get their Olympic qualifying result.  But hopefully Kazu will notch up enough FEI qualifying points to get there individually, and certainly finishing 4th in a 4*L will have helped him along that path.


Millstreet did a fantastic job running 450 horses over the weekend in various classes. I think apart from a 5* there wasn’t a class they didn’t run.  Everyone there is so positive and friendly, it is so refreshing to see in our modern very ‘jobs worthy’ world.






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