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End of season

04-December-2021 8:40
in General
by Admin

The season came to a satisfying end in Pau although it was sadly not very glorious.  It was great to have Little Fire and Oratorio out at 5* and the first time since Badminton19, but it was also quite irritating that we didn’t manage to nail a good result.  They are now on a well earned holiday and will be coming back into work mid December, which is unbelievably just around the corner.  The younger horses will be having slightly longer off and will be coming back in the new year.  


This is a very good time for organising our new team for 2022 and getting the yard spick and span.  I am not sure I have introduced everyone for a while but we have got Georgia Bennett working for us along with Anne Bolton. Belle, Lexi, Eva and Emily have left us.  Belle to Jessie Campbell, Lexi to do some work with Pippa, so it might be quite busy on the yard. I am looking for two more people to join, and already have some exciting potentials.


On sponsorship I am very much hoping to get my jeep in January, there was an issue with getting it over for 2021 but I am hoping that next year Jeep will be able to get the vehicle into the UK.  


I have been busy doing some teaching and looking forward to some clinics in the states in the new year.


Next season could be an exciting one, although I say that cautiously after losing Badminton and Burghley this year. I am hoping to take Little Fire and Oratorio to Badminton and Grafennacht to Kentucky.  I am also optimistic that Georgisaurous and Yes I Can will be back in action and they will be aiming at the 4* level.


We managed to get a week way in November without children for the first time in quite a long time, and we had a great escape.


Kazu is at home in Tokyo and enjoying a well earned rest. His two horses are now back in work and I am hoping JRA might add one more horse to his team for next season.






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