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Osberton dressage

04-October-2019 18:51
in General
by Admin

 It has not been a sterling dressage day today but they have gone basically pretty well overall.

Under Oath was in first and he did go nicely and I was thrilled with his 2* test. He made no mistakes and I thought he was very grown up, and unlucky to only get 30.

Grafennacht was next in the 7yo and she actually wasn’t as ‘on it’ as normal. She made a little mistake and was a little bit onward bound at times. And she probably deserved her mark of 30 which is very much in touch but isn’t giving her as much space as she is used to.

Then it was on to Summer At Fernhill who did very well in the main arena. The ground is quite muddy in parts and there was the noise of a few screaming children, but he was very well behaved and scored 28 which has got him in third place.

The ground on the cross country is hopefully going to ride well. They have had 5 inches of rain here in the last week, but even though it might be a bit muddy I dread to think what it would have been like without the rain, so we can’t complain.

Adam had a good day and did a very smart test on Secret Night.  No mistakes and lots of good bits. He scored 32 which probably was a bit unkind but there was a lot to do and we are happy enough.  It was Adam’s first time in a long arena so it was a very solid first go.

Saturday times:-

Show jumping 
Grafennacht @ 1056
Under Oath @ 1332

Cross country

Secret Night @1020
Summer @ 1623





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