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Cirencester Park

04-May-2021 18:21
in General
by Admin

After three great days in Dallas doing a clinic, organised by Rhonda and Sherry, it was back to normality with a busy day at Cirencester Park.  This is a new BE event and what a wonderful setting we had.  Musketeer had done a great job to get it all together following the cancellation of Withington, and there could have been nowhere better. 


On day one I was busy with four, I had Under Oath in the Intermediate, he did a very nice test to be in the lead on 26.  He rolled a pole in the show jumping which was totally down to the rider getting a bit backward into the treble.  And he mainly gave me a great ride cross country.  It was a nice inviting course, it had a couple of questions but was not too taxing.  There was a bank up at the end which overall did cause a few rough jumps, unfortunately it was here that Under Oath left a leg in the step resulting in a bit of a belly flop, I then went past the direct route and turned back for the long route.  Rather meanly the fence judges gave me a 20, but I certainly never presented, and as far as Under Oath is concerned he had a clear round. Having never had a cross country fault in his career that 20 does not blot his copy book.


I then had Little Fire in the OI.  I hadn’t expected to run him, but with the ground being so good I couldn’t not.  The dressage was good, he only got 27 but he was in the lead.  He then had a very nice time and jumped a doubler clear.  


Georgisaurous got 26 in his dressage which was a very decent mark considering the judges car with lights on and window wipers gave him several heart attacks.  He was then double clear and I was particularly pleased with how relaxed and calm he felt cross country.  He was keen but not strong at all, which was a good feeling.  


Grafennacht also score 27 with a decent test and was also double clear.  So it was a very happy day and it was made all the more enjoyable by such good ground.  The spiking had worked brilliantly on the parkland, and rain on top actually made it muddy in places.


I was then back on Sunday for Duke Legacy’s first Novice, and he didn’t put a foot wrong.  He got 28 in the dressage despite a rather dodgy reign back, and then jumped a very accomplished double clear, and 'Team Erick' are celebrating his first point.


Rowan Laird was also there on Sunday in his first Intermediate and had a very successful day - jumping double clear is a pretty good start to any level.


We have now got a week until the new 4*S at Aston which everyone is awaiting with baited breath, it is the Chatsworth substitute.  There is talk about the course being quite different and decent, but we don’t want it too decent…..


Ros Morgan is here tomorrow, and will hopefully set us up.


It is great that we have finally had a bit of rain, we of course still want our lovely days but we really need some softer ground.





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