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Burghley Dressage

02-September-2022 19:15
in General
by Admin

It is great to be back at Burghley after a few years and the Park is looking amazing.  They have done a serious job with the watering and the going, and whilst it isn’t going to be soft I am really hoping that it will ride well.

Oratorio did his dressage today and had a very good setup.  I was hopeful for a fairly decent test but sadly it was not to be. He did some of his best work but he had a real aversion to A and threw away a lot of marks in the halt reign back.  He managed to get a 30 but sadly that is not much cop at the moment and he is in 18th place, we have got our work cut out tomorrow.
Derek has designed a terrific track with quite a few questions and riders have got to be quick thinking.  There is no once fence that jumps out at you as being a real test but there are quite a few combinations where there is a lot going on and plenty could go wrong.
We are on at 2.30 so I will have plenty of time to watch and hopefully see how it is best ridden. I will certainly be going for it but as we know the time at Burghley is often pretty tight…..




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