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Bicton Dressage

03-September-2021 15:49
in General
by Admin

Oratorio was a real star today, he did a lovely dressage and scored 27.  He put in a really fault free performance, a couple of his halts could have been slightly better which is annoying as he normally halts so well, but he was very relaxed and confident in the main arena which was a little bit scary as it was so isolating.  Of course he could have done with a few more marks and of course I could say the judges were a bit stingy, but it is luckily a three day event and I have certainly got my work cut out tomorrow.


It is a big bold attacking course a lot of distances are very forward and then there are several arrow heads and corners to contend with.  I will be hoping I have Oratorio and his best brakes as the first minute is straight downhill. 


I don’t know what time I am going yet but hopefully we will be in the shake-up at the end of today and tomorrow it will all be worth going for.






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