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Gatcombe Championships - Saturday

03-August-2019 18:09
in General
by Admin

 Have a great day day at Gatcombe, and both horses were really good.

Graffenacht jumped a foot perfect show jumping which put her in the lead, but very annoyingly a couple of time penalties cross country was too many and we ended up second.  It was very frustrating because I felt I was going plenty fast enough and thought I had done enough. But I guess at the end of the day her dressage test was not quite her best so at the end of the day she did not deserve to be Novice Champion? She was beaten by 2 seconds which is rather close for comfort but she was beaten by a young thrusting Francis Whittington and I am delighted for his win.

Atlantic Vital Spark also jumped a lovely clear show jumping and took on the cross country brilliantly.  He did a foot perfect round and as he was lying only 9th after show jumping I decided not to push him to fast, it would have been a great round to have had education wise for his summer campaign.

They have done a great job putting on a top competition and the ground was very much as good as it possibly could have have been.

Yes I Can did a very pleasing test, everything is really coming together and he scored 32 which has currently got him in 2nd place.




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