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Bicton, Mendip and Millstreet

01-June-2023 13:34
in General
by Admin

Many apologies for the Bicton update being rather late, the trip to Millstreet has somewhat got in the way.  We were very pleased with how Duke Legacy finished out at Bicton.  He came out of his cross country very well and trotted up nice and sound.  The show jumping track was very fair on the all weather, it was a slightly small space and he really overall jumped a good round.  He had a couple of fences down just getting a little bit hollow and flat.  But overall he gave me a very good feeling and Team Eric were happy with the outcome.  He will now have a short break before hopefully aiming for another 3* in the Autumn, and I will be looking forward to see how he comes out of his first 3*L.


It was a quick turnaround to Mendip Plains with Santini and my first ride on Cusco.  We had a very productive but not glorious day.  Cusco did a pleasing test to get 29, Santini had a couple of small explosions and ended up on 31.  Both rolled a pole in the showp jumping, and both found the cross country nice and straight forward.  There was not lots to jump but it was good for Santini to have a nice easy run after his last Novice.  And with it being my first sit on Cusco, I was glad not to be asked too many questions. 


We are obviously producing Cusco for the future and I thought it was important to have a sit on him at this stage to feel the progress.  He is coming on very well but he was was quite lairy at times and I will be taking him on for the next couple of events.  We have got plenty of time as Chloe will not be riding him for a few more years yet.  He is only 16h but he carried me remarkably well, and we didn’t look as ridiculous as you might think. 


I am now in Millstreet with Moonlight Charmer, and it is certainly glorious.  Not much is happening at the moment as the 4* is starting with dressage on Friday.  They have got quite a lot to deal with here with 450 starters, but it is organised to a fine degree.  The course loooks good, the ground is quite firm but very level, and they are spiking furiously.  On first impressions the course looks impressive but there are quite a few circles and switch backs which I am hoping Moonlight Charmer will deal with.  It gives the feeling of repetition rather than going on in to fresh country.

I am also quite busy with some helping – Kazu is here with his two horses; Team Japan are aiming to get their Olympic qualification.  Sara is here with Dicte Aldrup in the 4* also hoping to get their qualification and Carlos from Brazil with a couple of rides.





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